• A Guide to Employee Rewards Platforms

    Employee rewards platforms enable businesses to reward, engage, and keep their workers through various gifts and social recognition. They are increasingly being used in an organizational culture that is centered around performance and results-oriented pay structures. In contrast to traditional pay-for-performance policies, rewards programs encourage high performers to receive high levels of recognition for their efforts. This strategy has been successfully implemented by numerous organizations. However, employee rewards systems also have drawbacks such as creating tension between management and employees, as well as reducing employee motivation due to the existence of bureaucracy and time wastage. Since this trend seems to be increasing in popularity, we have put together this article to provide insight on how you can select and develop an employee rewards platform. Check out this schedule demo for more details.

    Employee rewards systems come in many forms. The first is the traditional pen-drive kind of pen that employees use to scribble notes. While it is inexpensive and easy to carry around, this is not a very effective employee reward system. Also, because most employees will just keep their notes in their desk, the system does nothing to increase productivity. Furthermore, as most employees do not use their computers for work, a pen-drive kind of employee reward system is not conducive to the spread of information or productivity.

    Instead of relying on old-fashioned pen-drive devices, you should consider an employee rewards platform that uses electronic means to distribute money. There are many different ways to distribute the money, which is why you should carefully research the different options so you can find the most suitable solution. For example, instead of just giving cash, you can give points, gift certificates, or even points towards discounts and freebies. By doing so, you give your employees hard work and great value for their effort. Not only does it make them feel appreciated and rewarded, but it also encourages them to continue their great work. Check out this demo now to get started.

    In fact, an employee rewards platform that also offers a rewards program based on peer recognition may be the best option. As opposed to simply awarding money, a peer recognition program allows you to provide employees with discounts on services they have previously used. For example, if your company offers its customers a ten percent off sale on a certain service every month, you should also offer your employees discounts on that service every month. This way, your platform allows your employees to save money. Additionally, when your employees find a discount they like, they will be more inclined to recommend the service to their friends and co-workers.

    The most effective employee reward system is one that rewards employees for not only providing quality service but for also generating positive results for your business. The reason is that when you reward employees based on their efforts, they tend to be motivated to use their skills to the fullest. Employees who are motivated will help produce the highest quality work. This is because they know that when they are rewarded, they can expect a positive result. Also, a rewards program based on peer recognition works really well. When you reward employees based on the number of referrals they have made to your business, you encourage those employees to refer others to your business.

    Once you've decided on the type of employee rewards program you want to have in place, you need to choose from the many different employee reward platforms available. Some of the more popular ones are: aximo, chromium, chromaCord, Delft, Isthmus, Miva, My referral Network, Refer, ShopSocially, Skyllow, Thrifty, Xocai, and Xocai. These are just a few of the most popular ones that are being used around the world by other companies. To get your feet wet and start exploring the employee reward programs available to you and your company, take a look at some of these platforms and see how they might benefit your company.



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  • How To Set Up Your Employee Rewards Platform Effectively

    One effective method to manage employee rewards programs is through computerized software solutions like an employee rewards platform. Reward platforms are computerized software systems designed specifically to minimize the management required to run an efficient employee rewards program, thereby making it much easier than ever before to recognize employees for their efforts and keep them involved in the program. These programs are easy to design, manage and administer because they have already been designed by companies large and small. However, running these programs is not always so simple. In fact, many companies have found that it can be more of a challenge than anticipated. Visit the AXOMO website for more details.

    If your company has a rewards system that doesn't work, it's probably because you aren't doing it right. Perhaps you are not maximizing the value of your current rewards system. Perhaps you aren't communicating with your employees effectively. Or perhaps you are paying too much money. No matter what the issue is, it is critical that you take action to remedy the situation.

    In order to ensure that your employee rewards system is truly effective, there are a few things that you can do to make it as effective as possible. First, make sure that your computer software is easy to understand and install. Second, communicate with your employees using employee reward posters and verbal communication as well as email. It is also imperative that you create a rewards program map. This will help guide everyone who is involved on an effective way to use the system.

    Your employee rewards platform should include an integrated network of the most effective reward advertising networks in the industry today. Companies like aximo, Zazzle and Lockerz are just some of the companies that are sure to be able to assist you. These networks will enable you to advertise your company effectively by creating custom advertisements for every campaign that you manage. They will provide customers or clients with a way of finding your website, which will in turn lead them to enrolling in your rewards program. Check out the axomo website for more details.

    Your employee reward system needs to have a great customer service program in place. Your prospective clients/clients are not going to be impressed by a website that does not give them a good image. Take some time to ask your web designer what kind of image courtesy ads are preferred. Some companies may have a preference to advertise their company through the logo or trademark. While other companies may want to have an image courtesy campaign, they might prefer to have the image courtesy in a tasteful manner.

    In order for your employee rewards software to be the most effective, you must offer an all encompassing perks program. These perks need to be easy to use and understand. If your software does not offer something of this nature, you will find that it will not capture the attention of potential clients. It needs to be attractive, interesting, and easy to understand. If you take your time and seek the counsel of a professional, you can get a hold of a top notch employee rewards platform without having to spend an arm and a leg in order to make it work.



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  • Employee Rewards Platform Integration For Large Companies

    An employee rewards platform is specifically designed to operate and manage employee rewards systems. These systems are designed to reward employees for good performance, recognition and to encourage employee loyalty. There are numerous advantages that are derived from an employee rewards program. The most common benefit is the increase in morale and employee engagement. This is a result of the significant monetary bonuses an employee receives for meeting specific objectives. Check out axomo.com/employee-rewards-platform/ to get started.

    Employee rewards come in the form of cash or merchandise. They can also be in the form of non-monetary gifts such as travel miles, gift cards or discounts on products and services. Depending on the preferences of the company, an employee reward system may offer a variety of goods or services. It is easy to use and customizable for all types of businesses large or small. The process of utilizing an employee rewards platform is simple and can be integrated into the daily operations of the business.

    Another advantage of using an employee rewards platform is that it eliminates the need for employees to individually request gifts, incentives or recognition. Employees can simply browse the website, choose and shop for the items they are eligible to receive, and make their payments online. This process saves a lot of time and provides employees with a sense of fulfillment that often leads to personal growth and development. Go here to know more about the power of employee engagement.

    The design of the employee rewards platform can vary greatly. There are those that are designed with the sole purpose of collecting data about the various behaviors and tendencies of employees. These behavioral trends are valuable for companies because it is possible to determine the appropriate promotional and incentive programs for different groups of employees. For instance, if the retail chain reports that sales have been decreasing in some departments, it may opt to give discounts on specific products that would normally be offered with an increase in sales.

    If your company uses a real-time portal to collect and manage its employees' compensation information, then you can integrate it with an employee recognition platform. One such platform is axiomis, which makes it easier for employers to track, monitor and report various employee demographics, including: number of full-time employees, number of part-time employees, the average number of hours worked by each employee, and the number of commission payments earned by each employee. This data is then categorized into different groups such as pay per click (PPC), promotional and incentive programs, rewards and recognition programs, and recognition events. An example of a promotional and recognition program is a discount at a local restaurant. Through axioms, you can easily track the progress and effectiveness of each program through the data collected and determine which among the programs is most effective.

    The next step to integrate an employee rewards platform into your organization is to create an online portal where your employees can use their credit cards to make purchases. A payment gateway allows your organization to accept all major credit and debit card transactions in a secure online environment. You will need a merchant service provider with an international processing network and a trusted card processor, who can ensure the security of your organization's financial data. This payment gateway must also support multiple currencies so that your global customers can pay your organization using the currency of their choice.



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